• Schedule of Condition

    This type of report itemises the condition of a building when, for example, it is to be leased by a prospective tenant.

    After the premises have been surveyed, the condition is established, recorded and attached to the lease as a Schedule of Condition.

    What this includes:

    • condition of the building inside and out
    • roof structure and coverings
    • condition of inside paintwork and wall coverings
    • materials used such as flooring and ceilings
    • any man-made defects such as damage to plaster or paint work
    • any structural defects such as damp or timber defects

    A survey will establish the condition of the premises, giving an indication of work that may be needed, both immediately and later.

    Most commercial leases are on a full repairing and insuring basis which requires a tenant to put and keep the property in good repair so that when they leave, the property is the same condition as is detailed in the report.

    Hence, the Schedule of Condition is used to check that the building has been left in the same, or better condition at the end of the lease.